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okay so @B1A4BTS5ever tagged me. Thank you so much! I thought about this for a while and finally came up with a great first date with my bias~
So if you didn't know Sung Gyu is my ultimate love. He stood out to me since their debut. His voice makes me melt. I love him so much ♡
so I'd wear something like this because its cute and comfy ><
So he had asked me out. I was really excited. Ever since I met him, I have found him an interesting person. I always tried my best to get to know him. Although it was hard to get to him, I finally did. There were so many late night walks we had together. We'd talk about anything and everything. He's just so interesting. I guess in the inside he was a bit lonely too. He had asked me to meet him by the park in between our houses. When I got there, I looked around for him. I saw him standing by a tree and looking around. "Sung Gyu!" I called out. "Hey," he smiled. I waved and started walking towards him. We stood by each other. It was kind of awkward. So I laughed a bit. He laughed a bit too. We smiled at each other and started laughing. "Let's go," he said. "All right," I nodded. He had planned for us to just walk around the city. Something we usually do, but he had told me this time it was going to be even better. He linked his arm with mine and we started walking around. He looked at me and I smiled. He smiled back. We saw a food stand and he suggested that we try it. Since I don't eat out much, he thought it was a good idea. He paid for the both of us and handed me some. He watched me as I took a bite. "It's so good!" I chirped. "Really? Its my favorite," he said. We went on walking and we stopped at an arcade. He wanted to play a dancing game with me. He insisted that we must do this because he was great. "Come on!" he said,"it will be so much fun!" "Fine," I pouted. He picked the song with my help of course. We did a Teen Top song. We decided on To You. It's my favorite song from them. I'm not that good at dancing, so I felt awkward. Well I wasn't that bad, but he encouraged me and we had about the same score. "Good job," he put his arm around me. "Thanks!" I smiled. I saw basketball hoops and I took his hand. i dragged him toward the hoops. "Let's play this one! I'm pretty good," I said. "Are you?" he raised his brow. "Watch me win," I said. "Nope. I'm winning," he said. There were two hoops side by side. We started at the same time. I tried my best, but I wasn't making enough baskets and he was beating me. "Oh no," I said. I only had 13 and he had 21. He had beat me. I was kind of sad. I really wanted to impress him. "Its okay," he patted my head. That was one thing he did that I loved. "Yeah," I pouted. We were getting ready to leave and I stopped at a claw machine. I saw a cute teddy bear and I was amazed by it. I love bears. They are my favorite animals. He saw me stop and looked at me. "Which one?" he asked. "The teddy bear," I said hypnotized by it. "Okay," he let out a chuckle. On his first try he got it. I was so amazed. I tried a millions times once and couldn’t get it. Before he could give it to me, I hugged him tight. "Thank you so much," he said. "Of course," he smiled. We went on to go eat street food which was so good. My mom usually doesn't ever buy me food on the street. It's so good and I could eat these every day. "It's getting dark," he said,"let's go. I'll walk you home." "All right," I said. We started our walk home. I was a bit nervous. He was holding my hand which made my face red for a while. All of a sudden I hear him singing. "Your soft skin that shyly trembles Your hair that is tangled with sweat It seems like you’re shy but you’re not shaking Your eyes that look at me, your confidence It looks perfect Keep whispering love. Keep whispering. Your song that you whisper to me quietly Your scent that is more alluring than anything else in the world It makes me want to forget yesterday, today and tomorrow Makes me want to forget It becomes perfect" I remember this song. One day when he was alone, I sat down next to him and grabbed his extra headphone. He looked at me like I was crazy, but his look changed when I said I had liked the song. Perfect by Nell. He started showing my other songs by Nell and I fell in love with the band. I guess that's when we became good friends. I didn't even notice when we got to my house. He smiled at me. I smiled back. I gave hima big hug. I felt his warm hand rubbing my back. I felt so happy. "Thanks for a great day," I said. "Thank you too," he said. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and went running to my door. "Goodnight!" I waved. "Goodnight!" he waved back.
So I kind of got carried away so I made it short. I just love writing okay?
awwwwwahhh i love it
Squeeeeeeee I love this!
OMG. SO CUTE. Even though you made it up, I'm so jealous. (*^^*)♡