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Now as a person who loves makeup I have a huge collection of stuff I only used once or don't even use. Makeup can turn into an addiction really quick! I was just curious about what are some items that you actually use on a daily you can't step out in public without using.


I will share a few of mine below....
First thing I always use is my favorite BB cream. I use the deep dream fresh. This is good for giving me that dewy look. The dewy and youthful look is big in kpop and korean beauty. Since they usually don't provide BB creams in deeper tones this BB cream for me is the holy grail lol. However, my next thing is to try some Korean skin care products. I don't use primer....don't judge lol but this replaces that for me. This is super sheer like it says, so if you need extra coverage you might now want to buy this.
Next, I'm in love with my urban decay smokey pallette! This pallette for my skin tone is very versatile. I can always go glam with this or natural with this pallette.
Concealer and my powder fondation. I love my lock it concealer. A little goes a long way. I normally use Merle Norman powder foundation. It is great for my sensitive skin and is full coverage but feels weightless. Sadly, they discontinued my shade in nutmeg, so I'm trying the Kat Von D powder. KVD powder gets the job done, but I'm not in love with it. I'm still shopping around.


For anyone who knows me I'm a lipgloss addict!! I never leave my house without my lipgloss....cuz that's what I'm known for lol. Besides, I have to keep them looking good just in case I run into a member from Big Bang. Who knows they might ask for a kiss lol (in my dreams). I love NYX lipgloss! They are super affordable and not too sticky. I have a picture of the collection I love. I'm always rocking cherry pie or creme brulee, or their deep purple from their intense line.
I hope you enjoyed this card! Continue to love yourself and enjoy experimenting with makeup!
@BlueBear07 I hear you. I know a lot of ppl thst use that, so I was confused when some ppl start making videos and articles about the side effects long term. BUT IF YOU LOVE IT DO YOU HONEY! LOL 👍✌
@amobigbang I've been using it for years and haven't had any problems with it. It's the only thing I've tried that keeps my face matte all day not quite ready to give it up just yet. 😊
My go to items are smashbox photo finish primer, milk of magnesia, MAC eyebrow pencil , Maybelline dream matte mousse foundation, and maybellines falsies mascara.
@amobigbang yea...I can see why. I wanna join the obsessed and be obsessed too
I need to get me some liquid lipstick. the solids not working for me at all
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