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Sooooo you know when you're bored and start looking up the soundtracks to some of your favorite anime???? Well I was doing that for one of my favorites called Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad. One song from the soundtrack is called "Moon on the Water" by Beat Crusaders (if you watched Kappa Mikey back in the day, they were the ones that sang the opening song xD) and I was just looking up that song since it's one of my favorites songs ever when I see THIS in my reccommendations!!!!! I wish I saw this sooner! He did a great job :3
Now if TOP could cover some anime openings...hahahah
That smile and that guitar omg kill me now
@poojas lol that would be awesome xD
@kpopandkimchi btw I love your username xD
@kpopandkimchi Yeah i never really paid attention to him even tho I watched The Lovers xD but now I realize how cute he is for some reason lol AND YES GUYS WITH GUITARS KILL ME TOO T^T