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The Signs When They Have a Crush!
We all react differently when we see that special someone who's driving us you react like your sign?! I know I do!!


Confident. Forward about their feelings. Not ashamed to flirt. Might even tell how they feel directly. Their motto: bring it on!!!


Sure of their feelings. Already planning their future together. Can't help but swoon when their crush is around because they're only paying attention to their crush, but not going to tell you about it just yet.


Overprocessing their feelings. X100000000. Will talk even more than usual around their crush, and find themselves nervously flirting all the time.


Can you say "emotional?!" Dramatically in love with their crush more than is probably reasonable. They're fine with it, but also completely overwhelmed by their feelings! But their outward emotional response will be small at first!


They know they're into their crush. But they don't want their crush (or, anyone really) to know that, too. Decided in their feelings, and will be bold (while still somehow secretive) in their intentions!


Shy, shy, shy!! Virgos get super nervous around their crushes and analyze every single detail about interaction--what did he mean by that?!


Flirters, they usually have many crushes at once. They'll send their crush cutesy texts. They'll also be making sure that you see them in the best way possible--and win you over that way!


Let's just say it: obsessed. They'll find out all the details about their crush. They day dream, dream, and talk (or think) about their crush nonstop. Determined in their affection, that's for sure!!!


Show offs and planners! Sagi's will enlist friends to lay out hints, to help them find info, and to make the crush becomes something more! They're totally hooked on their crush!!!


A little shy and quiet around the person they like. This isn't because they haven't fallen (they have), but they're gathering info to decide if they'll stick to this. Once they do decide, the will stick to that crush for a while!!


Takes the approach of "fake it till you make it." Will hang out all the time with their crush until their crush doesn't have a choice but realize they should be more than friends!!


Daydreamers. Doodling all over their notebooks, getting caught staring into the distance. Accidentally commenting about how good their crush looks, like, all the time.

Find out what your sign is like in love, too :)

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Taurus. Sooo true, well for me.
2 years ago·Reply
@AnjelParker, what's your star sign?
2 years ago·Reply
aww my boyfriend is a Pisces and he is just like that and I am a Capricorn and I act like that
2 years ago·Reply
I'm a Taurus and that Is true ===^^===
2 years ago·Reply