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What happens when an excellent but poor surgeon meets a rich but powerless sleeping beauty? Drama. More than that they become each other's lifeline.
This is the plot of Yong Pal, an action-filled medical drama about black market medical surgeons and a princess (locked in a hospital). I randomly watched episode 4 but got hooked. One step into the drama world and it's hard to take a step back. Blame Joo Won's incredible portrayal of Kim Tae Hyun.
Episode 1: Unraveling the Plot and Introducing the Characters
In the center of futuristic looking hospital room is a woman in coma. That's Han Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee), the heiress of Hanshin Medical Group. The reason why she is in comatose is unclear. The current situation suggest it was self-harm due to her boyfriend's plotted death. The important take away is the stockholders are interested in her health condition but is prohibited to see her.
Yong Pal, who is better know as Kim Tae Hyun, is resident at Hanshin Medical Center. During the day, he's the type of doctor who always save the day for other doctors while they take the credit for it. At night, he puts on his Yong Pal masks to treat the dregs. As a doctor, he's got the talent and charm but the only thing he lack is money. He would do anything to earn extra income for his sick sister.
Episode 2: Blackmail and Secrets Revealed
The episode was picked off from Yong Pal running away from a detective that has been chasing him for underground medical treatments. Yong Pal managed to trail-off the detective and arrive at the hospital but realized he lost his scalpel.
Blackmail: The detective and his crew linked the scalpel to the Hanshin Medical Center and Chief Lee (the shady doctor) knows Kim Tae Hyun (Yong Pal) has to do with this. Instead of turning him to the detective he drives them away. He then invites Tae Hyun in his office and blackmails him to stop practicing surgery and moves him to another department. Tae Hyun has no choice but to follow his order.
Secret #1: It was reveal Tae Hyun's mother was once a patient at Hanshin Medical Center. Her death was partially due to social privilege. Despite, being first in line for a surgery, another patient was prioritized because of his social status.
Secret #2: Near the end of the episode, we discover Han Yeo-Jin is fully awake and she was actually drugged into comatose.
Crazy stuff. So much going on in the first two episodes. The plot is engaging and everything is happening in a face-pace. Since it's a drama, some of the medical reasoning and practice are bound to be unrealistic. We're talking Kdrama here. If you're up for unraveling mysterious, relationship building (not necessary romantic), and Joo-Won screen time you'll love this.
Stay tune for another short recap. Just in case you're wondering, I'm slimming it down to catch up to the most current episode.
Anyone else watching Yong Pal? What do you think of the plot and acting so far?