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Q: I decided, after consulting with my friends, to send my crush (we're currently friends) a message telling him that I would like it if we can spend more time alone together. Not really a confession, but every time we make plans it's as a group so I just wanted to make it clear that I'd like to hang out alone more and see where that goes.
I sent it and saw that it was seen by him but he didn't reply yet. What does that mean? I guess he purposely ignored me? I don't know whether not to care because I was just testing the waters or to be upset...
A: Leave your advice for this anon in the comments!!
And if you ever need any love advice, feel free to send me a private message and I'll create a Card where you can get some advice anonymously, too!
For sure needs time to think about it. I like those that don't act on impulse right away. They think things through. Either way no need to worry. It will either work out or you'll forget about it and move on eventually.
oh, btw, you gave him something to think about
@ChristinaBryce tell her she can still message him if she wants, just keep it casual and don't bring up that subject again for now... allow him to do it
She also said thanks for the advice, and she'll be patient for a few more days before thinking about what to do :)
ALRIGHT! I talked to the anon who sent me this finally :) She says she sent it right before she sent me the message (so like 3 days ago) and he hasn't answered. But he also hasn't opened the message yet (you can tell that on whatever she sent it over, I guess!)
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