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Do you remember how it was, back in the good old days, when you were just a kid and once or twice a year you got to be home alone... To your parents, this was a scary thing since they did't know if you are already up to being home alone, and they were probably thinking and worrying about you non stop when they were away... But you... this was a perfect situation, when you could live in your fantasy world and embrace all the cartoon characters and super heroes... everything to protect the house from the bad guys. You were on the watch all the time, weren't you? You prepared yourself some kind of weapons to protect yourself and the house, didn't you? You wore some kind of costume while doing all of that, didn't you? And the most important one... you took everything really seriously and had fun with it anyways, haven't you?
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Is this the same little boy that was in the park? me and my siblings used to play super hero but only when our parents were home. we were quiet when they weren't home because we didn't want to get slapped for misbehaviour
Did you perch up on your staircase railing like this kid? lol
@danidee yes. outside but mine was bigger and made with concrete."By the power of Heman I will jump!"
@TerrecaRiley omg human was the best.. we used to pretend we were Heman when we would play in the piles of autumn leaves outside my house
@danidee YEAH!! Funny enough tho, I have no recollection of the cartoon, but I kno I loved it.I can feel it