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Aldnoah Zero is an action/fantasy anime where the "Terrans" (People of Earth) and "Vers" (People of Mars) fight in a space war as Vers want earths natural resources and Terrans try to defend themselves and understand the power of "Aldnoah". The anime has 24 episodes divided into 2 seasons.
The first time I saw the cover, I thought of Gundam so I said "hellz yeah". However, theres a lot more to the story rather than flashy robot fights. The story is very intriguing with a lot of twists. Great characters (especially the protagonists) and lots of emotions because of these characters. What seperates this anime to others is the intriguing story and the best sountracks (OST) out there.
I would love to hear your opinions as well~ Hope you enjoy!~
Sounds like a very interesting plot! @BPF1916 @biancadanica98 These might be of interest to you guys!
@biancadanica98 Favorite childhood anime and it still is :) you'll love it even more when you finish it remember to watch the OVA as well!
@RosePark I actually started Rorouni Kenshin a few days ago and I love it! >_<
@biancadanica98 We all have personal preferences :) I do love those as well Rurouni Kenshin ftw! Also Bleach @.@
@poojas Honestly I'm not a fan of action anime that consist of robots that fight each other. I tried watching Infinite Stratos but wasn't of fan because it had that kind of action. I like sword action or if they have powers, those kinds of animes like Inuyasha! 馃槀
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