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Sad news…apparently KBS made a final decision on KHJ’s drama “City Conquest” and they will not be airing it due to the content and production cost. A KBS Official said "Regarding 'City Conquest' they have been holding meetings for a long time and an conclusion has now been made. We decided not to air it." 'City Conquest' already pre-recorded some scenes in Japan starting last July. Modifying the script has been made but, the drama has a challenging production cost and contents. Other Asian countries will air 'City Conquest" such as Japan because they’ve already bought the rights to the drama. Lets hope that another Korean TV station decides to pick up this drama!
yeah its truly not fair! please KBS air this one!!
that is not fair!!!!!
Ive neeb waiting for this drama and now it wont air? wtf man!! I wanted to see my boo in another drama
This is Sad for all fans and KHJ we have been waiting a long time for this to air and I know I desperately want to see this just from what I have seen on pictures and read about it is the kind of film I have been waitng to see. I hope that someday we will find it on hulu or drama fever so all of us who have waited so long will get to share in the joy of this drama....
all what happened there is definitly virtue in prayers ringht kim hyun joong will be more than that..
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