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I have been tag to do this so here they are. MY CRUSHES THAT I WANT TO MARRY. XD
Naruto - Ninja Storm I love Naruto because he is a ninja, I love ninjas! I am stuck on the same season for 4 years. This is why I don't finish my anime. -__-
Deathkid -Soul Eater He's such a gentle man, I just like this kid somehow.
Marshall lee - Adventure Time I know he's not animated, but he so hot, and so chill. He's a blood sucker vampire. I want to marry this guy.
Ayato - Diabolik Lovers He is also a blood sucken vampire This guy like to licks people, his family got problems. I also like his red hair its better than jimin's, now i don't have to worry but his hair again.
Levi - Attack On Titans I love Levi because of his face expansion, he's very serious. And he is a beast if fighting attack on titans.
Haku - Yona Of The Dawn I love Haku,he make me laugh so much. he is so funny. I hope i find a guy like him. I also love his fighting skills
Ryoma -Prince Of Tennis I like this guy because he's cute.
Rin same goes from the last one he's cute and I like his style.
Tonouchi - Alice Academy ok make that 9 top crush
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@poojas i use to like his hair color, and I be jelous because my hair is dark red and his is perfect red color. lucky
2 years agoReply
@ninachan Hahaha, I see I see. I like JHope the best heheheh
2 years agoReply
@poojas Don't get me started on him
2 years agoReply
Rin and ayoto are my favorites on this list
2 years agoReply
rin hak and ayato too bad kanato and the others from diobolik lovers arent on the list i love all those sadists 馃挄
2 years agoReply