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Airports are funny like this. In the way they prepare you to voluntarily ride the sky. How is this even possible. It's 9am and I'm spilling m and ms all over Cleveland Hopkins international airport. My plane hasn't touched ground yet and I'm nervous about going through customs on my first international flight. Turns out there aren't any customs going out of the U.S. And I can enjoy this hour above the Great Lakes without fear of missing my connection. It's a sunny and cloudy day here in Ohio and sooner or later I'll be touching down all the way around the world. There is a lot of existential woe that comes with flying. You're above everything, looking down on those traveling by car to their jobs or schools. You almost feel like you're a god looking through the clouds.
And then you start thinking about how the jell you're going to get to your terminal for an international flight in only one hour. I'm not sure how things will be on the other side of the world. I've never been out of the U.S. I just got my passport on Monday. Now I'm jet setting. I'm flying more than I'm walking. And I'll trade the clouds over the U.S. for a breeze above Seoul. I met a girl going to Tokyo in the boarding area. Her passport was almost full, "Wow." I said. "This is my first time anywhere." "And you're going to South Korea?" She replied, almost laughing. "Uh...yeah." I said. "Awesome. Good luck. Try to drink on the plane so you pass out." I laughed and considered it for a moment.
I'm definitely not a world traveler or a frequent flyer. I sure as hell have never even thought of going to South Korea. But through research and a lot of self affirming journal entries I'm hell bent on having an adventure there. If you told me a year ago that I'd be somewhere over the Midwest preparing for an international flight across the entire world...I'd tell you to jump off a bridge. Life's funny that moves and shakes and surprises on a daily basis. It twists and turns and when you think you have a predictable puts you on a flight to South Korea and says, "go have an adventure dummy." I'll be settling in, jet lagged and haggered around 4AM US time. Im not afraid. I'm looking forward to seeing the world from the plane window. Off to another adventure. This American is now an Ex-Pat. I'll see you in Seoul.
yea!! lucky!!! I'm in the process of getting my passport. I want to travel a lot too...
Have fun!!!!!!