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Hello Vingle Family!! ^_^ So first I want to thank everyone who tagged me in this because this is quite interesting. I read alot of y'all dates and they're so cute >< so I'm finally doing mine!! So yes, I have ALOT of biases and couldn't choose one, NOT ONE!! so I made a solution for that, I wrote random names on tiny pieces of paper, then I crumpled them and mixed them up, I closed my eyes and picked one out, I opened it and I got.....
JEON JUNGKOOK!! The Golden maknae and yes he's my bias, the second picture is when we was on facetime hahaha OMG my fake life So here's how my date will go with him: One Saturday afternoon I get a call. I answered. " Hello? " " Audra, get dress we're going out " " What? " "I'll pick you up around 4" He quickly hangs up and I'm standing there clueless, but I got dress anyway.
I wore this, and in real life it's something that I'll actually wear lol. He picks me up and we go somewhere... " Where we going? " I asked. He doesn't say anything but smirks. The whole ride was quiet, nobody spoke, it was like that for almost 1 hour until we arrive at some stadium. ?? "Why are we here? " I asked. He looks at me and smiles. "It's a surprise" he said. We both get out the car and walk towards the stadium. He takes 2 tickets but I never got to see what it said, he gives them to a man and we go into the stadium, my eyes widen when I found out that it's a concert stadium O.O " J-Jungkook, is somebody performing? " " Haha, just wait... " After 30 minutes, the concert finally starts, and it's....
G-DRAGON!!!! I yelled his a name a couple of times, and screamed and fangirl, I looked over to a Jungkook and he's enjoying it as much as I am, I smiled. When the concert was over I hugged Jungkook and he seemed to be a bit surprised by it. " Thankyou!! That was amazing!!" He chuckled. " That's not it " I let go of him and looked at him a bit confused. " There's more? " " Come on... " He takes my hand and drags me out the stadium, we get in his car and drives to an...
ARCADE!!! I got excited and drag him inside. We played a bunch of games, most times he wins -_- but whenever he loses...
He'll give a look like this, I'll laugh and he'll go along with it, we decided to play one more game but this time with a bet. " Whoever loses has to buy pizza and ice cream later" he said " The bet is on" He smirks. I had feeling that I'll lose but I still didn't give up. After the game he ended winning and got the most tickets out of both of us. " Hahaha I won, you have to buy us pizza AND ice cream " I gave him an evil look. He laughed.
He took us to the best pizza place in town. We talked and laughed about everything that happened that day. The waiter came back with the bill. "I'll pay" he said. " But what about the bet" I said. " I was kidding, and plus I wouldn't make you pay, even if it was a real bet" I grinned. He paid for our meal and took me home. " Thanks for today, I had lots of fun" He smiled at me. " When can we do this again? " he asked.
He gave a look like this waiting for my answer. " Umm, I'm not sure " " How about I pick you up next Saturday for our 2nd date" I started to blush when he said the word date. " T-that will be great " I said kind of stuttering. He smiled, before he left, he hugged me and whispered goodnight.


That's my date, I wish it was real *sigh* Anyways, I tag everybody that want to do this challenge, you can tag me in it if you want me to read it, I'll be glad too :) Credits to owner of the pictures and gifs, I don't own them. I love you all ❤❤❤❤❤ Byeeeee~
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awww that was so sweet!!
@xoxoaudra98 I'm glad u enjoyed it. I'm working on creating part 2. I'm trying to give everyone a break since we been going challenge Loco here! Parr 2 IS ON THE WAY PPL! 😄✌
Dude I can't wait for part 2!!