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So here's a small and simple mini game i thought would be fun to do as i distract myself a little from college hell. Each picture numbered from 1-7 holds a Block B member and once i get enough people to participate I'll release which members were behind which pictures~ If i get enough people to participate I'll release the members the next day but if not I'll extend it to Saturday. HAVE FUN! :D RULES: 1. Pick only ONE number from 1-7 2. Comment the number chosen below
Thank you everyone for participating! I'll release the 7 members shortly :)
@jannatd93 haha thank you so much xD ahh someone who understands my pain lol
7!!! :D Thanks for making this game! I hope your college suffering disappears soon :) I feel your pain.
This is the hardest decision I've ever made in my life! I'm going to say 5.
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