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Haters are always gonna hate!!! Tired of people trying to down you up because they dont agree with the way you do your own make up but As I say there is do's and don'ts in Make up but there is no rules for the way you wanna wear ur make up.
I feel super comfortable and I wont change that.
Plp always talking about my eyebrows , too thick too dark, too much liner...I used eye shadow instead of liner and my eyebrows are naturally hairy and dark. Why plp need to be so cruel!!!
Always love yourself how u are and never let people make you feel down.
Im proud to be a make up artist and love what I do :* You should be proud of your achievements too.
thanks for your support and reading :* :* :*
You do you @Bekka! As you said, haters always gonna hate! What everyone does makeup-wise is their own decision and not for anyone else to judge! :)
Thank you all I really appreciate your beautiful comments!!! ^_^ Ill keep it up and Ill live my life doing what I like the most!!! :*
You look beautiful, @Bekka! Don't let anyone bring you down!! I love the pink on your skin tone. You keep it up, girl! Remember, Nothing is Sexier than Confidence!
What other say u is coz of jealous infact u gorgeous, i get melt if gal like u is mine... lives happy cheers
@bekka from a guys perspective, its faultless, you look GREAT!
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