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Today's community anime recommendation is The Tatami Galaxy.
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The Tatami Galaxy (Yojōhan Shinwa Taikei)

Novel written by: Tomihiko Morimi
Anime directed by: Masaaki Yuasa
Number of episodes: 11
Summary (from animenewsnetwork):
A second year student from the Kyoto University finds himself entrapped amid a plethora of unsatisfying possibilities to change his life. Accompanied by Ozu, his mischievous best friend, and Akashi, a stern engineering student, the nameless protagonist trudges through each path as he tries to grab the opportunity that seems to dangle right in front of his eyes.
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I love the style and visuals of this one! Might give it a shot soon! XD @caitlind9898 @AimeeH @taijiotter @biancadanica98 @SunnyV @JustinaNguyen @edwinb94 @AkiraCondry @zellie15 @nenegrint14 @B2STANG88 @melineptune @ButterflyBlu If anyone else wants to be tagged in these daily recs, just let me know ^^
is this on crunchy roll where can I watch this