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@virginvingler asked us to recount our most embarrassing moment and he delivered. definitely set the bar high lol.
A little background first. I'm a Tejano born and raised, growing up my dad tried... I mean teach me and my sisters Spanish, but growing up in Houston it was not a necessity. I took it in high school for a semester and basically learned how to say hello and how are you...pretty much slept through the rest of it. 11years ago I met my wife and daughter and father-in-law. They were here illegally but when you're in love who cares amirite? long story short they spoke only Spanish I didn't. I spoke only English they didn't. One day when my wife was pregnant with our son, my daughter and suegro (father in law) were sitting at the kitchen table. Now I should say that I used to carry three Spanish-English dictionaries and one Spanish verb dictionary. needless to say just saying something simple was a job!! on this particular day I was feeling pretty confident in my newly acquired linguistic ability and decided to converse sans books... it was morning so I wanted to use my new word I learned for breakfast. I wanted to say yo quiero comer desayuno which means I want to eat breakfast. i messed up and said yo quiero comer desnudo which means...I want to eat naked. I had no idea why everybody was looking at me and I swear I could almost hear my son tell me telepathically... Really, dad? really? my wife just came up to me and said "I don't think so." it goes without saying I relied on those books for a while my dad was really enjoying watching me struggle lol. he made sure to remind me that he tried...really teach me.
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@buddyesd Or you could have just named her Queso Queso Kelly and she could have grown up to open her own chain of deliciously cheese-themed meals.
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when she was pregnant before we knew if the baby was boy or girl we came up with names for both, she had a beautiful Aztec name for a girl . it was something like atzetquetzalquely or something (not sure how to spell it) i think its a lake in mexico or something. i could not say it , i kept saying queso queso Kelly. i probably would have put the child in therapy for not being able to say her name lol
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@buddyesd they speak both, their mom still only speaks Spanish, i guess she's afraid of making mistakes and people laughing at her
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no worries I'm sure whatever you write will be great :)
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Oh my. /~\ Since this is a challenge I will participate. haha I'm so not ready to bring up the past XD
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