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Uuuggh finallyyyyy....lol. PART 1 PART 2 Again big shout out to Nahae in all her awesomeness ♡ I'm enjoying watching this again....simply for the fact that it's easier when you don't have an extreme bias that gets in the way. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE PERFORMANCES WERE AMAZING. Everyone impressed the hell out of me. Especially Blacknut! I saw him a TOADilly different light. I'm still pulling for Basick tho.....
But honestly.... either one is okay with me.
@MattK95 indeed. Uuggh that collab with Mamamoo.... we need more Basick in our lives for sure.
Either way I'm glad Basick got to sign with a company, should be interesting to see where that takes him :)
@PassTheSuga haha yes! the look on her face was like, "no. you're shitting me! there's no way he's here!"
@ButterflyBandit I know right! And the way Jessi fangirled when Blacknut told her Taeyang was performing with Mino lol.
Love how Zico's face totally lit up when he saw Taeyang at the rehearsal.
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