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So I have a friend who likes anime (I've only seen Ouran High School) and I texted her telling her to listen to kpop. She said as long as I listened to jpop, so she told me to listen to Arashi and Sexy Zone. Right now I am listening to Step and Go and it reminds me of the Boys Over Flowers (kdrama) playlist! Can someone recommend some jpop to me so that I can listen to a bunch and make her listen to a lot of kpop? xD
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@ButterflyBlu that's awesome!! I like that origin! Mine wasn't that cool but hey I learned about him in high school and I was hooked ever since to Gackt and JRock & jpop.
Arashi is really good you should listen to all of their songs(one of the members was in the japanese BoF) Gackt is also really great though I'd count him more towards jrock. Ai is a great singer too I love her voice. I recommend her songs independent woman
@LEDGhosty Yes! My friend mentioned Arashi :) Thank you!
No probs ^.^ Arashi is pretty much the reason why I like japanese music(I'm half japanese but I originally didn't have much interest in the culture) also thanks to them I became interested in japanese music in general so now that's pretty much the only music I listen to now ^.^; (specifically Visual-kei) (and some Kpop. Just got into it)
@LEDGhosty Haha that's cool!