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So I have a friend who likes anime (I've only seen Ouran High School) and I texted her telling her to listen to kpop. She said as long as I listened to jpop, so she told me to listen to Arashi and Sexy Zone. Right now I am listening to Step and Go and it reminds me of the Boys Over Flowers (kdrama) playlist! Can someone recommend some jpop to me so that I can listen to a bunch and make her listen to a lot of kpop? xD
You should really listen to the group perfume, their songs are catchy xD
Arashi is really good you should listen to all of their songs(one of the members was in the japanese BoF) Gackt is also really great though I'd count him more towards jrock. Ai is a great singer too I love her voice. I recommend her songs independent woman
Yes! @AimeeH, girl me, too! Because of my scholarships, in college I was required to live in a specific dorm my freshman year. It had a long distinguished name, but everyone called it The International House because all of the international exchange students and languages majors lived there together. I was always listening to rock and alternative. One day, a Japanese guy from down the hall hears it because my roommate had our door open all the time. He stuck his head in and says, in broken English (hey, that's why I was there!) "you come with me and listen?" I looked at my roommate for a moment thinking wth? But we both nodded and followed. He pointed to his bed so we both sat - not kidding, a giggle happened - and suddenly this music went BAM! into my life. I give you my Gackt origin story. Oh and dude and I were friends throughout his stay. <3 I tutored him in a couple of things, he tutored me in Maths. >.< lol
@AimeeH Of course, had to call on the Vingle Jpop expert hehe
Yes!! I know quite a bit get a pen paper and your ears ready: Kat-Tun, AAA, Exile, Arashi for sure. If you want J-Rock: GACKT, Diaura, Gazette, DV, X-Japan, Scandal is a girl rock band, One OK Rock, Thank you @poojas for this ^~^
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