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I am in love with all things mid-century. So of course, I couldn't pass up this really neat sunburst ceiling treatment that incorporates a lighting fixture. While the light is completely functional, this tutorial focus is on the dressing of the light, which takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary.

Supplies Needed:

-sunburst mirror frame (ransack a thrift store for one or buy online)
-ceiling flush mount light small enough to sit inside your mirror frame hole
-gold spray paint
-painter's tape
-screws and a drill
For the sake of SAFETY, be sure to use caution when dismantling or installing lighting fixtures where there is an electrical current. Always consult a professional if you are not sure what you are doing.
Most likely, the mirror fixture hole will not be the same size as the lighting fixture bulb. This means that you will have to paint that area of the ceiling to make it look like one big flowing fixture.
Match the paint with the mirror fixture (or simply paint it all a new color of your choosing).
Using any kind of spray paint indoors is not recommended unless you have respirators, ventilation and plastic barriers to prevent over spray. It also helps to have a second pair of hands holding up a hose to an industrial vacuum to suck in the spray.
For the mirror frame, use four screws and wedge them in between spokes of the light to hold the frame in place. Once the frame is secure, your mid-century project is complete!
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