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As so many of you know, my wedding is next year, so I have been very busy getting ideas for my flowers. I am happy to say that VINGLE was my source of inspiration. In case you weren't aware, there is an ENTIRE COMMUNITY DEVOTED TO FLOWERS! Vingle has thought of everything! <3 <3 You can click here to visit the Flowers Community.
I am telling you all this because the project you see here, was inspired by a card written by @rachelykim seven months ago. You can click here to see it.

Supplies Needed:

Glass Vase (Ikea)
Copper tape (any metal is fine)
With so many designers using metal as outlines to furniture these days, here's another use: glass vases. While there are no design templates, all you have to do is run the tape along the edges. Double the lines or cross them to create fun and interesting patterns. Don't over think it; just have fun with it.
To keep the tape from coming off, don't wash the outside with water. Spot clean it if there are fingerprints or smudges. Clean the inside carefully so the water doesn't spill over and ruin all your hard work!
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