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Lucky for me there were 40+ people in my class so introductions did not happen OH YEAHHH. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) @kpopandkimchi I honestly could not get your K-Pop Studying Guide out of my head! The part about replacing things with K-Pop idols for easier memorization? I couldn't stop giggling throughout class. Lol I made a wonderful first impression on my classmates. Thank you XD
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@nandini0910 lol that's awesome! I would've cheered and then ran you down after class, "soooooo....kpop!"
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when I introduced myself and said I love kpop and wants to move to Korea everyone was like staring.
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@shantalcamara we would have been instant bffs
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@ButterflyBlu @aabxo 😂😂 would be my pleasure😂😂
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