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Okay so I wss tagged by @buddyesd to do the most embarrassing time challenge. Well before I jump headfirst into that closet, were going to go back in time a decade or more to a movie called 'Never Been Kissed' that starred Drew Barrymore. Especially the first Prom Scene.
Drew Barrymore in a scene of the movie, flashes back and is shown "supposedly" going to prom with a popular guy, I think the head of the football team. Fact: A runningback on my football team asked me.
Heres the scene. T.T She gets so excited that the popular guy wanted to go out with her. Fact: I was happy the guy I liked and was dating wanted to go with me.
So now since you have an idea of what I am about to entail, focus your eyes below /~\
This was my Junior Prom. What this first picture doesn't tell, is how unbelievably awful i felt that day. I had appointments set up for hair, makeup, and nails. I don't know if you can tell, but my hair wasn't done, my make-up was non existent, and my nails weren't done because he called me three hours before him and his friends were supposed to be coming, to say that I had no time to get ready and we had to leave.
You've probably made it this far and you are either cringing at this story already, or you are regretting reading so far. So let's venture more into the continuation of the night; I like to call HELL.
What this photo doesn't show, is that there is another girl in the car besides his friends date, and guess what color her dress is? I'll let your mind think about that for a minute.
The car that showed up made me cringe. I may sound country and have a country dialect, but by no means am I as country as a cadillac with longhorns on the windshield, two saddle bags on both sides of the vehicle, an electric bunking bronco on the trunk, and a COW MOOOING for the horn. *I cannot make this up*
Now we move on to dinner, He paid for everyone's meal but mine. They ostracized me during dinner, and I didn't even get to eat they were ready to leave as soon as our food came. I had no problem paying for dinner, thats not the point, point is they humiliated me to the strength of i wasn't even worthy to eat with them. Getting off tangent real fast: Still coincides with the day: he didn't know what my friend Chasity looked like, and vice versa. Boom heres the kicker: She noticed them at another restaurant earlier and guess what they were doing?! Have an idea? They were coddling each other and kissing each other. He was cheating on me in front of people I considered family, and she even took a picture of the happy couples kissing infront of that car for prom!
Now we move on to the prom! YES! Every girl's dream right? WRONG... I walk up the stairs and enter the building. Every body he knew was there and was pointing to laugh at me. I felt as big as an ant. He wouldn't dance with me, but he bumped and grinded on the other girl that i thought was a friend.
This is an example of how dark it was in the ballroom. Now imagine tables set up and it being dark. I found an empty table after dancing with my best friends and sat and cried my eyes out. I was already called a geek, nerd, dork; this intensified everything that everyone called me.
As I was sitting and wallowing in self loathing, embarrassing tears, the best thing of that night happened to me. My sister Sondra is a spaz. She gets excited over everything and i love that about her. I was crying but she couldn't tell because it was dark. She ran over and saw something glowing in a large vase full of water on the table. She reached for it, but the momentum from her excitement pull, pushed that vase over...
Dum dum dum... you guessed it. I suddenly became drenched in water. I stood up suddenly and her eyes got huge as she raised her hands to her mouth. Was I mad? Not at all. She thought i was about to climb the table and tackle her, I cracked up so hard and started laughing.
She grabbed my hand and we ran into the bathroom. She got worried that i was upset but I just hugged her and thanked her, saying I love you. She looked confused and i told her after prom, I'd tell her what happened. Now picture me trying to dry off my dress by using a hand dryer. We walked out and the girl that my boyfriend at the time brought laughed at me and said to him, "Bahaha there's your poor girlfriend. So sad that she actually thought you two were compatible. She's the laughing stock of the school now", she gave me the rudest smirk and walked off. Sondra charged her but i held her back.
I decided to leave and as i was taking my first step down the stairs, i twisted my ankle and fell. Yes. I fell down two flights of stairs, and I had the nerve to really challenge Newmans law... WHAT ELSE CAN POSSIBLY GO WRONG?? Never ever ever ever ask that question.
I was walking to the car and got my heels stuck in the ground as i was crossing the median, tripped, sprained my ankle,fell amd scraped both knees to a bloody mess. . . Let's just say that this made the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me. I found out days later that he told everyone, he took me to prom because I was ugly and he pitied me... Here it is. You can laugh, i got over it. I laugh now too about it... * Disclaimer * I only own the photos of me...
@AimeeH what a jerk that guy was!! I think you looked beautiful! your a sweet person that im glad i met here :)
(Also you're cute as hell, and he seems tacky.)
@Taijiotter my friends husband scared him after. he told me years later. He's 6'5 and bulky
I was reading thinking....nothing else can go wrong....nothing else can go wrong....well done for taking it all in your stride.
@EdenMMercedes a very good one. We went our separate ways and never looked back at each other.
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