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https://instagram.com/p/6xzaeuiXUT/ My friend just sent me this and I cannot EVER hear the song the same again. But seriously, Yoseob is just so adorable. Am I the only person that finds him to be too cute? He never ages. Hes like Taemin.
Yoseobs high notes got me like:
I made my choir teacher listen to Yoseob's singing and he's listening to him ever since Tuesday I think. His favorite song right now is Caffeine 😋😋
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Haha he is how I got my teacher into kpop
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@StephanieDuong I know right? I was about to say welcome to the kpop world but I decided against it because my classmates might look at me weird lol
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he's the only person from beast whose name I know Lol
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