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I have a minor obsession with ranunulus. And it wasn't really until now that I actually, sort of, realized why that is. If you've never seen these stunning beauties in person, I URGE YOU to hit up your local flower shop and inquire about them. If they have some in the shop, please stop to look upon them with your eyes (in person).
Yes, it's necessary to do it that way because if you troll the internet, you will be hard-pressed to find a good or decent photo of these. Even this one, here, isn't the 'best.' But this brings me to my epiphany. Probably, one of the MAIN REASONS why I am ALWAYS coming to the defense of this flower is because there just aren't any good pictures. So, when people see images (rather than the real thing, in person), their response is usually blase. As soon as they dart their eyes from the image they're on to the next flower, like roses or hydrangeas or peonies...
I just want to make a public plea to Vinglers out there: if you have ranunculus, please take your time to take amazing pictures of this flower. A quick snap or click on your phone isn't going to do these any justice. I can't explain it, but for some reason, these flowers just can't take a good photo to save their lives. See them in person, well that's a completely different story. Nothing less than stunning! Why is that?!
Thanks for letting me rant a bit!
The photo was taken at Fleur, which is an upscale florist shop in Logan Square, Chicago.