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Here's the deal:

You're running the remake of Boys Over Flowers and you get to choose who plays in your F4. There are no boundaries! Singers, actors, models, from any country - Just build the most awesome F4 you can!
Character Refresher -
1. Geum Jan-Di: The main girl! Probably you, unless you want someone else acting in your place.
2. Ga-eul: Jan-di's BFF!
3. Yi-Jung: The playboy of the group that gets all the girls
4. Woo-bin: The protector of the group. Super sweet but definitely in a gang.
5. Ji-Hoo: The sweetest kindest supporting lead. One of Jan-di's romantic interests.
6. Jun-Pyo: The lead. Jan-di's romantic interest and pretty much a bully (but he's got a sweet side)


Geum Jan-Di

Me obviously! This is my story, so I'm going to be the star *hair flip*

So Yi-jung

Casanova playboy? Is mysterious and does weird artsy things while wooing every girl that walks by him? Hello Seo In Guk! I would definitely want him in my F4 but would never, ever want to be romantically involved with him. There's already enough heart break in my future.

Song Woo-bin

When I think of a lovable reliable gangster who brings positive energy to the group, I have to think of BTS's J-Hope. He's sweet as can be but definitely has some kind of connection to the mafia.

Ga Eul

Who do I want as a best friend through this whole ordeal? Eunji of course!!! And because I want to see her and Seo In Guk have another romantic pairing :3

Yoon Ji-hoo

The adorable, kind, talented, and sweet Jihoo could only be played by one man...Kim Soohyun. I'm breaking my heart here since obviously I know how this drama ends but he's WAY too nice to play Jun-pyo, right!?

Gu Jun-pyo

Who can go from angry to sweet in a millisecond? Who has the face of an angel but a short temper? Who do I want as Gu Jun-Pyo? EXO's Kyungsoo, that's who. I can see him playing the role of the seemingly heartless Jun-pyo perfectly and obviously if this is my story I get to choose who I end up with (hehehehehehe)



Make your own list and taaaaag me~

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Geum Jan Di - Me, obviously. Ga Eul- Park Shin Hye. Yi Jung- Lee Jong Suk. Woo Bin- Jang Geun Suk. Ji Hoo- Jung Yong Hwa. Jun Pyo- TOP/ Kim HeeChul.
1. Geum Jan-Di: Sunny 2. Ga-eul: Myself because who wouldnt want to be best friends with Sunny. Also I ddon't think I'd fair well as a main character. 3. Yi-Jung: Choi Minho 4. Woo-bin: Kyungsoo 5. Ji-Hoo: Suho 6. Jun-Pyo: T.O.P
1.geum jan-di: Suzy 3.yi-jung:bambam 4.woo-bin:jr 5.jihoo:jb 6.junpyo:jackson
i have a mad crush on woo bin