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I'm not trying to start a fight first off, I just want to bring something to light and it's not because of vinglers comments here, it's just about VIPS in general. I've seen a lot of fans cheering that GD and Kiko broke up, but it's not right... GD is really sad if you guys haven't noticed.
If you look at these pics it kind of gives a hint at it and a lot of fans are saying he is sad.
He doesn't look happy in either of these pictures and isn't it kind of odd for them to have a pajama party like that? Especially after this news?
It's okay if you're happy because you love him but don't cheer and throw a party. He is only human and deserves the right to love just as we do. We all want to feel love and a special connection with someone. Truth is, almost no fan will end up with him and if you're fated to be together sometime in the future than let fate work it's magic and let GD be happy with whoever he's happy with. Who knows what could happen if GD gets too sad? Maybe the end of BigBang? Let's focus on keeping him happy instead.
Finally someone speak up about this. I feel bad for both GD and kiko even though I am not that fond of their relationship. Mostly feel bad for kiko since she gets so much hate even before the announcement of the breakup news. I don't understand how some fans could be so heartless when it comes to their relationship. Gd's been close with her since few years back then and if they're already together since then,, just imagine how much he loves her. It's not easy to maintain a long distance relationship. Some of the fans are just too much. It's fine if you're happy that jiko is over, but please be considerate. They ended their relationship so that means kiko used to (or still) be someone special to gd. I am still disappointed with some of the fans who are still throwing rude comments towards kiko. And congratulating GD for being single is not cool. At all. They're getting older, it's normal at their age to find partners. Above all, I agree with your point.
*slow clap* I've said this so many times that I dont really have an opinion on the relationship, but its not right to celebrate someone's unhappiness. This card was great!
its really fuckin immature for supposed fans to be happy about his break up.. its not like they're ever gonna get a chance so stop dreaming.. imagine someone cheering for your unhappiness it wouldn't feel too good to you either..
@majesticx I completely agree with you. I just want any artist I admire (well, everyone really) to be happy. When an artist is happy, their media will show it. Plus, if it's someone you look up to, why would you be so harsh about a very sensitive personal situation. Imagine being him and seeing what half of his fans are saying. I would be crushed if my fans were happy that I was going through a tough time. It would make me feel like I have to hide myself. I wish him all the best and hope that he will feel better soon. I wish that we, his fans, could do something to let him know that it will get better and he has lots of support.
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