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About GD's breakup
I'm not trying to start a fight first off, I just want to bring something to light and it's not because of vinglers comments here, it's just about VIPS in general. I've seen a lot of fans cheering that GD and Kiko broke up, but it's not right... GD is really sad if you guys haven't noticed.
If you look at these pics it kind of gives a hint at it and a lot of fans are saying he is sad.
He doesn't look happy in either of these pictures and isn't it kind of odd for them to have a pajama party like that? Especially after this news?
It's okay if you're happy because you love him but don't cheer and throw a party. He is only human and deserves the right to love just as we do. We all want to feel love and a special connection with someone. Truth is, almost no fan will end up with him and if you're fated to be together sometime in the future than let fate work it's magic and let GD be happy with whoever he's happy with. Who knows what could happen if GD gets too sad? Maybe the end of BigBang? Let's focus on keeping him happy instead.
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He is only human . Let him find his own happiness with whoever he wants. Please do not interfere. Let him be happy. When the time comes , he will meet his true love. Maybe he have to wait for Haru to grow up . My prediction only .
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it is sad for anyone to break up. I am sure seeing his "fans" cheering mskes it worse on him...he is human. I hope with the help of his friends, he will get over this well. XOXOXO GD
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And recently, just talking about relationships in general... relationships with a k-celebrity... Beenzino's girlfriend has been getting waves of hate... just because she was in a music video with D&E (i think it's with them... ) like, I just don't understand why they can't get throught their minds that at the end of their day, they are NOT either person (not the celebrity nor the partner). and that it's their life, we can only support them with open arms... and hope for the best. does that make sense?
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@SHINeeIngGirl agree...totally agree with ur pt.
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Lol the Valley girl seeped out...? totally? ...haha
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