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Coming This October: New Fairy Tail Novel
I know quite a few of you here are Fairy Tail fans so I had to share this when I found it on Anime News Network. A novel called Ōedo Fairy Tail, related to Hiro Mashima's original Fairy Tail comes out this October. While Ren Kanan is the author of this new novel, Hiro Mashima remains the "original creator" as well as "illustrator."
The "Ōedo" in the title refers to the time period of Tokyo before the end of Tokugawa Shogunate's rule in 1868. The original Fairy Tail series about a fascinating mage guild has already inspired two novels, Fairy Tail: Kokoro ni Yadoru and Fairy Tail 2: Dai Matō Enbu Sono Ato, Sorezore no Ichinichi. Besides the anime and the novels, there was also a movie, Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess, that was released in 2012. A second movie is now in planning.
Will you guys be reading this new Fairy Tail novel when it comes out?
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