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Okay, enough of you have already done @virginvingler's My Embarrassing Moment challenge, so it's only right that I participate and tell you my very own most embarrassing moment. (Funny Comm members that are into K-Pop, you're going to lol for sure.)
Meet Dynamic Duo, my all-time favorite anything as far as Korean music goes. I tend to listen to a lot of different genres from all sorts of places, and back in 2013 - 2014, I was working as a music columnist for a Korean American newspaper in my hometown
There's this event that happens every year in California called KCON, which is essentially a huge music festival and convention for Korean entertainment. Every year, I would be the one that would attend to represent my outlet and do some interviews.
The year of this most embarrassing moment happened when I had only been studying Korean for six months. (I had thought working at the newspaper would give me more experience with the language - which it did! But I was still a noob!)
Anyway, upon checking in as press, the coordinator Kevin told me that I would be attending the Dynamic Duo press conference and have the opportunity to meet them. MY Dynamic Duo. My favorite group!
I was really excited, but I was also technically at work, so I had to suffocate my inner fangirl, and made a face kind of like this:
So I went forward with my coverage of the event, counting down until I'd finally be able to meet my favorite group, until finally... IT WAS TIME.
I sat for the press conference, and it was entirely in Korean, but translated with the help of an interpreter for the international press outlets. On the way to finally being able to meet them, I headed to the designated press line, camera in hand, when one of the coordinators advised:

"If you know any Korean, you should probably use it now."

That made me nervous. I knew some Korean, but really, I had been only studying for six months. However, I was determined. I was like, I CAN DO THIS. I CAN TALK TO THEM. This is my ONLY CHANCE, and if I don't, I'll horribly regret it.
So I get up to them finally, heart pumping out of my chest, trying to calm myself down because this is still Los Angeles, dammit, and no one loses their cool in LA.
I practice a phrase in my head that I had learned a couple weeks ago from my managing editor:

"또 와주세요." = (Ddo wah-ju-sae-yo.)

Meaning: "Come back again."
It was perfect. Short, sweet, and advanced enough for them to be hopefully a little impressed with the weird white girl meeting them.
However, when it was finally time for me to meet Choiza (dude on the right, aka my favorite Korean dude of all time), I couldn't help but get a little shaky from nerves, and the following came out of my mouth:

"도와주세요." = (Do-wah-ju-sae-yo.)

Meaning: "Please help me."
At first, he paused, and he was like:
But then, I think he figured I was just checking if my pronunciation of that phrase was okay, so he goes:

"Wow. Your pronunciation is really good!"

In English.
In English.

He said it in English.

Perfectly fluent freaking English.

But it was that English that you use when you're talking to someone who has exhibited some signs of slowness. You know, that weird, supportive, sweet tone.
I smiled my best smile, but on the inside, I may have just as well been a statue because everything felt frozen.
I walked the few steps to Gaeko, the other rapper, laughing shyly (as I do when I'm feeling 100% uncomfortable), gave him a quick Korean 'Thank you.' (which is MUCH easier to say), and ran away.
In hindsight, maybe this wasn't such a huge deal, but the fangirl in me was sufficiently kicking herself for making herself look like a bit of an idiot.


The moral of the story is foreign language mistakes are really, really awkward sometimes. Although, if you ARE studying a foreign language, you should probably get used to making some embarrassing mistakes.
But that's my story! I hope you guys enjoyed it! (And @PassTheSuga, I feel like I never told you this one, so feel free to make fun of me.)
LMAO omg i was cringing! Eeek. At least you made an impression. XD @danidee
@danidee I AM DYINGGGGGGG (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) But dude Choiza talked to you! And he thought you were special.... maybe not in the way you were hoping...but still. But real talk, you're still the coolest kid I know.
@AimeeH I feel like that's an important part of life!
@danidee its ok. I make mistakes all the time in both English and spanish. At least you tried.
I went to Japan last summer and I made mistakes ALL THE TIME! I totally know how you feel! P.S.-I had been studying Japanese for two years.
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