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My son is kpop crazy
My son is just like his daddy... he loves Korean music
I didn't even have to try to sway his opinion... he has the same bias as me...he loves Suzy and Min... I'm so proud... the boy has great taste ㅋㅋㅋ
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@jiggzy19, I'm proud of him all the time but he has really taken to Korean music... and keeps asking me how to say things in Korean... his favorite phrase is 사랑해 precious
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hahahahahh this is so precious!!! awesome that he's learning a little korean too!!
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Nice! My grandson recognizes EXO. I think he likes Let Out The Beast. It's a bad ass song, so why wouldn't he lol
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He's just a sweetheart, @RobertMarsh. And we already confirmed our boys have great taste. I love the eyebrow waggle he gave when you said Min's name. Give him a high five for me. Min's my favorite, too. ;) Just adorable.
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@ButterflyBlu, thanks... will do
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