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When I first saw this hairstyle I immediately connect it to Rapunzel and her flower song. Princess inspired hairstyle usually work well for brides, winter formal or prom. I know this is not the season where you'll be getting a ton of special occasion hair request at your salon. If you're looking to level up your braiding and styling skill you can give this a try. By the time you master this hairstyle, winter formal would be around the corner.
Step 1: Divide the hair in two parts (top vs bottom). The top section should be a less than the bottom. Clip the bottom section aside and release the top.
Step 2: Divide the top into a left and right section. Start French braiding the left side and once the braid reach the nape secure it with a hair elastic. As you braid or after braiding you can pull it apart to create a lace effect.
Step 3: It's time to roll the braid end and make a flower as shown in the picture. Use several bobby pins to secure it in place.
Step 4: Repeat on the right side but position it above the left flower.
Step 5: Now, release the bottom. Divide it into two section and french braid the left and right side separately. Then, merge it together at the tail.
cant wait till my hair grow, never knew what to do with my hair when it was long but now i do, thanks n.n
This is so pretty! I just have to convince one of my girls into letting me try this on them! haha! XD
this would be a great bridal style
I love this now to find some one to do mine this was cuz my hair is waaayyyy to long for me to do myself