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Please dont tell Jiyong or chanyeol but I have a serious confession. ........Tao is my bias , I cant hold it in anymore . ive been listening to exo for a long time now and when he was still in the group I tried to tell my self that he wasn't cute and I didnt like him but that was all a lie. Finally came to the realization after watching probably the millionth exo video Tao did a thing and it was all over , I still love kwon Jiyong hes my number one but my heart had now accepted its love for tao hes just too cute. I just wish his beautiful face was still in exo but I support his decision 100%
♥♡♥ Seriously Dont tell GD he wouldn't be too happy about this
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@solodaywithB1A4 same here man but im glad it did because life was pretty boring before haha there's no life like a fan girl life
yes it was boring and nun to do but stare into space....ah yes FAN GIRLS HAVE IT ALL!!! Cx @Marilovexoxo
Tao's eyes and nose are so pretty (´∀`)
@aliciasalinas I agree his eyes are beautiful
I love taoo he is a fighter nd I love him 😊