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Geum Jan-Di: Me.
Ga-eul: Lee Hi as the best friend. (Wouldn't it be epic to be her best friend?)
Yi-Jung: Seungri as the playboy. He fits it so well xD (that's a joke guys please don't get mad i love bigbangs panda ri♡)
Woo-bin: TOP as the groups protector and gang member xD
Ji-Hoo: Jinwoo because he's literally an angel and I wouldn't mind him having a crush on me haha
Jun-Pyo: DAESUNG. Because you know in a perfect world I'd end up with him (just kidding!)
@kpopandkimchi sorry it's mostly bigbang members i dont know much about any other artists :c (yes I'm a yg stan ;-;)
Lol Seungri's role. As his stan I approve. Hahaha. He does has that playboy vibe in him. nevertheless we all love him. and does that means daesung in PERM? I can totally imagine that. He had permed his hair in Family Outing. Hahahaha. You have a bunch of good casts. :D
@nssagasshi YES DAESUNG IN A PERM XD it would be all too fabulous
@majesticx this was a really cool challenge!!!! i loved your peps...
@kpopandkimchi HE'S MY BIAS TOOOO and thanks xD
@shinee808 thanks lol I put a lot of thought into who should be who
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