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All my biases have 1 thing in common: HOT LIPS! I'm really not into 'chocolate abs' but if you are, do you, boo! There will be no shirtless pics here taking away from the sexiness of their lips, though, if I do say so myself, some of these men shirtless should be a crime!
Let's start with my very first lip crush. I watched my very first drama that featured singing a few years ago. I wasn't sure I would finish because shows like Glee really irritate me...like a lot.


Look at those lips!! At this point in my life I'd never heard of Big Bang and the only kpop I knew was SHINee. Look at him with his little acne...uggghhhhhh THE FEELS!
He is so beautiful!! What's Up changed my life!
Makes me want to cry...
Next up is a guy who I thought was going to be the main male lead in a drama...then he died! WTHeck?? He made an impact with his charisma and eyeliner.

Lee Min Ki

Yea...that's exactly what I did when he first appeared on screen.
Why would they kill off such a dynamic character and all around beautiful specimen? Award to him for most epic/tragic cameo! Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Y U kno love Byung Hee????? Have you seen the movie Haeundae? The feels are unending
His lips are so wonderful! Just see for yourself!
It's hard to control oneself...
Next up is someone I feel like is not so well known but was in something really popular recently.

Lee Chun Hee

I first saw him in Dating Agency: Cyrano as the second male lead...the feels made me want to die!! If you haven't seen that drama the main female is a girl from SNSD, and I stopped listening to them as a result of her not picking the second lead.
I'm serious.
I'm that petty.
I'll write a card later detailing the depths of my petty personality. But back to the HOT LIPS!
I saved the gif for last here because it's so wonderful!!! He also had an epic cameo in Master's Sun.
If you look carefully you'll notice he's the second lead in I Remember You...which takes me to my next beautifully lipped heart-breaker.

Seo In Guk...gasp

This guy needs no introduction so I'll just leave him here while I was the drool off my face

Gong Yoo

They're just so pretty!!

Zion T

Singing and beautiful lips. What else do you need??
Last but not least is my forever love.

Yoo Ah In

There are some cards in existence that highlight his appeal most of them by @mc1390
Here and here.
I first saw him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and after another bout with Second Lead Syndrome I quickly devoured everything he'd ever been in...sooooo many lovely dramas featuring his lovely lips. Including (but not limited to) a Noona romance and being 2 different kinds of Kings...lovely lips
That's all, folks. I can't do anymore...shower time!
...and the best of the best... is... Yoo In Ah.
Seo In Guk
And the reason I've only seen two episodes of Shut Up Flower Boy Band. I was way too in love with Byung Hee to go on lol.