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Ah, yes, the skeezy tree. It seems every forest's got one these days.
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Oh no not the skeezy tree...corrupting the youth one question at a time...
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ask my mom. she gave us ALL the details. We do not practice to speak in parables...now my sis has three children and she tells me the full detail about child birth(all three times). Now I'm scared as hell to have children!! THE HORROR!!
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@TerrecaRiley Omg I'm scared too. I just hope that all of that is worth it! And @candyland1986 buhahaha long time no see, girl!!
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@danidee now I'm thinking about it all over again... sigh. And I still don't want to. ok... let's stop now
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@danidee yea...I graduated lol...now I'm in grad school...have more time lol.
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