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Flower Over Boys Challenge - The Fantastic 4
I saw @kpopandkimchi's Boys Over Flowers Challenge and I had to join in the fun. Most of the Kpop members are too young for me, so I'm going with my Kdrama favorites. hehehe :)
Let's unravel the Fantastic 4.
Oh, and Jan Di is played by me of course!


Give it up for Godfrey Gao, the ladies' man. He's the type of guy that will make all the ladies swoon


JB would totally rock this role. He's a sweetie but also a tough dude. He's the leader of GOT7 crew for a reason. ;)


Park Shin Hye would be my BFF.


The "Nice Guy," Song Joong-Ki. I'll admire you from afar.


Of course, So Ji-Sub! No description needed. Just watch Master's Sun and you'll understand.
There you have it...THE FANTASTIC FOUR.
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