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Back in my day, school was all about reading and writing and arithmetic, but it seems that some students of the 21st century are about to have their education rocked by one very famous lady.
Starting this year, two Canadian universities - the University of Victoria and the University of Waterloo - will be offering an introductory course on the life, the music, and the cultural impact of American pop diva, Beyonce.
According to University of Victoria lecturer Melissa Avdeeff, the decision for creating the class offering was simple:
"I just thought she would be an artist that a lot of the students - especially in this young 20s age range - would be able to identify with. They've pretty much had Beyonce in their lives their entire lives. She's an artist that has stayed relevant culturally. She's had her hand in a lot of different cultural aspects - not just her music."
University of Waterloo instructor Naila Keleta-Mae adds:
"[Beyonce] speaks a lot to the moment that we're in. Whether or not scholars across the country like it, when our students are turning in papers, they're quoting Wikipedia and YouTube. When they want to get the definition of something they're going to Dictionary.com."
At both universities, the course will include music video analysis, feminism and gender studies, and explore Beyonce's career trajectory from her Destiny's Child days to her hugely successful solo career.
The only major difference is one will be considered a music course, while the other will be offered by the Drama & Speech Communication Department.

Would you sign up for a course in Beyonce? If not, who do you think they should create an introductory course on instead?

I know I've got one idea.

History of Weird Al, anyone?

What's next? Given that it's Canada, Essential Bieber?
@TerrecaRiley Me too. Weird Al was my favorite as a kid.
@virginvingler That would be the worst course of all time.
@danidee I got to know this guy when I was on my 20's. I'm so late :(
I'd do a course in the history of Weird Al still
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