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You're all dressed up and is ready to head out the door but you notice that little makeup stain on your shirt. Shoot. What do you do?

The Problem: Foundation on your Shirt
The Fix: For oil-based foundations, treat the spot with liquid dish detergent. For oil-free makeup, use shaving cream.
The Problem: Loose powder on your shirt
The Fix: Shake it off. Water will cause it to soak in deeper. You can always the spot with a stain remover wipe or makeup remover wipe.
The Problem: Nail polish on Your Jeans
The Fix: Dab the stain from the reverse side with a cloth soaked in acetone.
The Problem: Lipstick melted in your bag (that happened to me once)
The Fix: Spray the stain with hairspray. Let it sit for a few minutes then dab it away with a damp cloth
The Problem: Face oil on your blouse
The Fix: Sprinkle cornstarch on the spot. Let it sit for 10 minutes then treat it with dish soap and launder.
The Problem: Deodorant stain on your black top
The Fix: Use the spongy foam from a dry cleaning hanger to rub away antiperspirant residue.
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thank you
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any for some eyeliner that u were putting on so it fell on to ur white dress????
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