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I came across this graphic (I couldn't find out who made it, sorry!) and was wondering what you guys think about it.
For me, I don't like to make statements of "I won't date someone like ____" because it's hard to say who I might meet and fall in love with.
But then I read these lists, and I couldn't help but agree with some of them. At the same time, though, it's one thing to say "I won't date someone who uses slurs like slxt." I mean, sure, I don't think I want to date someone that usese this, but isn't it also part of a relationship to help the other person grow?
If a person is doing some of these things out of not being exposed to the knowledge that there might be something wrong with what they're doing, are they really someone to avoid dating? Maybe I do things that need corrected, too.
While I agree with the sentiment of this list, especially if the person is doing them in a really negative way, but I think if they're just uninformed, it's a perfect opportunity to grow together.

What do you guys think? Should I just avoid it more?

I don't know if I'm just setting myself up to meet not-so-great people by not being stricter about this!
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I agree with @BluBear07, I depends on the situation, but trying to change someone will almost always lead to you getting hurt. Yea relationships are meant to change you and hopefully in a good way, but you have to think about how that person will affect you.
it depends... there are some things on this list that you can be leaniant with.
Psychology of LOVE!!!😝😆📚@blubear07 @babysheep
@DaivonUnderwood haha yes! XD
I think a lot of these are taken way too seriously