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although not many will be interested, this goes to just further and strengthen your respect to Tablo. he can rap better in English, back then and now, then most of the mainstream american rappers we have today. mad respect and love for this artist. * i did not make this video, all rights and props for this video to the rightful YouTube owner that uploaded it. * and all verses and music to the amazing artist.
also can i just add how adorable those bad puns at the end are.
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Tablo's word play is amazing, and his use of the English language when he raps is wonderful. honestly I'm majoring in English in college and sometimes he uses words most kids in my class don't even know yet. This guy is extremely talented and what he raps about is also something worth listening to.
@xxchicharitoxx I heard he sometimes even has raps say something forward in Korean but backwards something different in English? I'm not sure if thats true or just fans trying to make him even more of a genius...
@kpopandkimchi its true a lot of k-rappers actually do that but its super hard, that's why tablo is known for his word play, because he manages to do stuff like that.
I know I luv him...Real respect 100%; he's sooo talented.