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You're amazing, Nico-chan!
"Thank you for always bringing me good cheer.
You've worked so hard on your own for the sake of being an idol.
But now you have companions with you, and meeting everyone of μ's has bought about change in you. You have become all the more charming.
I, too, have my own dreams that I aimed for by myself all along, so I very much understand. You've truly worked so hard! Awesome! You're amazing Nico-chan!"
-Sora Tokui's letter to Nico (see below! She's the real voice/character version of Nico)
Hanayo: Stickehbun
Honoka: Dejavudea
Eli: Alex Pinku 「ピンク」 (@alexpinku)
Nico: Jenni Bon (@starberry)
Kotori: Angelipon (@Angelipon)
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Thanks for always sharing your wonderful cosplays with the anime community! :)
@Starberry Stttahhhppp I had to go and look for the Nozomi one after seeing this ;_; it's so sweet to see the inspiration the voice actors got from our girls, too!!