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It's officially FRIDAY, which means that it is time for the Funny Community's 'Would You Rather' of the week! This week the theme is: THE TRUTH OR NOTHING!
Would you rather always have to say the truth? Or would you rather just never speak again?

Leave your preference below, tell everyone why, and feel free to debate the answers among the rest of the community!

With 13 votes, the animal lovers were voting in full force, but they couldn't add up to the 23 aspiring polyglots who voted to know all the world's languages fluently. Foreign languages win!
Want to participate in future 'Would You Rather' games? Follow my Weekly 'Would You Rather' collection to stay in the know!
I think I talk way too much so I choose never speak again. Plus I know some sign language, so...yea
@virginvingler I'll never teeelll...
say the truth!!! is very important to me because at the end of the day the truth always come out to light!!! :*
Never speak lol
never speak again馃槄
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