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This is kind of mean, but funny enough to overlook it XD I've never understood dating sites/apps. I'm too awkward to charm somebody into meeting me and too solitary to wanting to go out and meet with somebody on the off chance that they do find me interesting enough lol
I just agree with a lot of what you both said. Tinder is just... No. I have to seriously connect with someone. I understand that sometimes relationships spring out of strange beginnings, but that doesn't mean we should just run around sleeping with every person who's interested, hoping one might stick around. I rarely meet people my age who consider themselves to be old-fashioned. It's nice. :)
@danidee haha it's like... Does nobody know how to hold a conversation or date without expecting sex or being weird about it? Sheesh. What happened to getting to know somebody and courting them? Flowers, presents, days of talking, slowly getting to learn one another, slowly introducing to likes and disliked, meeting parents/family/close friends, asking in dates/setting them up... No, it seems like all people want is a quick hook up and/or superficial players/partiers who are social butterflies that live in the "now". =_= Oops. Kind of went off. Lol
I love you both. <3
Oh my goodness, the typos =_- I don't know why, but my keyboard has been autoincorrecting my typing lately. Really frustrating.
@danidee okay, I will. You're OLD FASHIONED!
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