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I wish you guys were able to see my reaction to this one when I watched it for the first time. (I can't be the only one who wasn't expecting it to move.)
@ButterflyBlu On closer inspection, I think you're right, a dog's snout in teddy costume, gotta admit the owner did a pretty good job, the whole thing came together seamlessly! Btw are you gonna cosplay your dog and put some photos up? Remember to @ me if you do, coz I only have a cat and it's stubborn like a rock, it won't let me put any costume on him, not even a hat :/
@Animaniafreak I couldn't find it premade, so I'm thinking the owners hacked up a teddy...but 10 minutes on Google and I've bought a pug, a husky, some cosplay costume pieces, and a winter sweater for my little dog. >.>
I will admit this took me a while to figure out lol
@danidee oh! whew! so u put the near thingy over the dog's nose. ok.I got it. Thanks. cause... whew!
A WA DIS!!! What's going on here!! in seeing a tongue in a toy! I dono!! what!?
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