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Hi everyone!!

I haven't been anything but a bigggggggg lurker here ( hi...). I thought it was time I emerge from the shadows and say HELLO EVERYONE! I'm a huge VIXX fan, and I want to get to know all the other VIXX fans, so I made up my own version of the 30 day challenge. This will be a great way for us to all get to know each other's biases, favorite songs and everything, right?
Even if VIXX isn't your #1 group, join in!!! I just love talking about them so I'll talk about them pretty much any time...all the time...yeah....

How to Join In:

1. Save the image up there so you know what each day's topic is!
2. Each day, post your own card about the topic! You don't have to include the image, just personalize it with whatever you want (otherwise our cards will allllll look the same lolol)
3. Publish your cards to the VIXX community only!! I'm worried we'll annoy other Vingle kpop fans if we flood the main kpop community with this kind of thing? I don't really know, so let's just do it in the VIXX community and get to know other Starlights here :)
Oh, and if you don't wanna post a card, just leave your opinion in the comments on mine, I don't mind!!

Let's sit around & talk about VIXX all day!!!

Join me from September 1st in the VIXX community :) :) ->