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If you've been following my recent cards, you'll know I've been posting about a friend I thought had no real interest in Kpop suddenly fall head over heels for Got7. The above photo is a picture of her laptop background which use to be a picture of Hogwarts burning that she's had for 3 years!! She's so balls deep into Got7 she did that!
Color me shocked and excited! Last night our friends got together and we spent a few hours watching videos of the boys and on Tumblr finding pics of JB who she is crushing hard on! What made it better was when we watched the Dance Practice for Stop Stop It and she nearly split her loins over JB dancing! Also, when we went to get ice cream, her ipod played the song the minute she plugged it into her car!! I call the a sign of good things to come!!
and another person sucked into kpop 😈😈😈
balls deep is the perfect description of my life and kpop bahahah this made my day omg thank you xD
K-Pop can do crazy things to a person. haha. :)
Omg yay!!! Another JB fan!!!
my sister got my 8 yr old niece into kpop haha im so glad shes got into it so young i wish i wouldve known sooner