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I seriously cant with JB from the moment I started listening to got7(not counting jackson because hes my love) my eyes were automatically drawn to Jb hes just soo gorgeous and his personality is amazing.
and Idk about you guys but to me he looks a lot like and older jungkook especially in the just right video hes just too much.
Jackson is my bias and JB is a big time bias wrecker. So perf
omg he grew up so well... oh so glad I'm his noona though its only by a couple of months
I share a birthday with him hehe
NGL, JB is my 2nd fav. currently getting a friend into Got7 and she fell super hard for JB.
The resemblance is so weird now, Yugyeom is my Ultimate Bias, and after him its Jungkook and Jb in a tie. I guess I just like guys like them😂. Not counting Yugyeom.
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