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One Piece Episodes 1-5: Luffy is an Idiot~

I FINALLY DID IT. I started One Piece. T_T

Thanks to @edwinb94 @AkiraCondry and @JustinaNguyen for suggesting that I give One Piece another shot.

My friend @paradis finally pushed me down this rabbit hole yesterday and the journey has begun.

I will be making a card for every 5 episodes as I watch. I've also been gif-ing my favorite scene from each episode...because, why not?

Episode 1

Why can't we all be as carefree as Luffy? LOL

Episode 2

Luffy: That one friend that makes your decisions for you. HAHAHA

Episode 3

I hope Coby gets to meet Luffy and Zoro again!

Episode 4

ALL THE FEELS. There better be a Shanks/Luffy reunion! T_T

Episode 5

Why would anyone want to be a clown pirate...with chop-chop powers? Smh.
So that's it for now. This gif sums up how I feel about getting into a 700+ episode anime but as a true fangirl would say...YOLO. Looking forward to more in this series! :)
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@shantalcamara It will be a while before I catch up with you LMAO @sherrysahar Do it!!! We can fangirl together XD @ButterflyBlu Okie dokie! Gonna watch more tonight! @Goyo It is. Goodbye social life. Goodbye responsibilities.
ur right @ButterflyBlu they are clowns. but when it get serious it'll will be awesome