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If I look back to the summer, I think that we had so much pizza in the last two months. I think that just because we had so many parties, and what is cheaper and easier to make than home made pizza for your party guests? I told myself: "no more pizza for at least two months" but as it just happened... I was supposed to buy a kind of pastry dough for my mom and accidently bought a pizza dough (not knowing it haha). So, we had pizza, again!
Like always, I usually make at least two different types of pizza, so this time I went for a half of: - tomato sauce, bacon, cheese, onion, red peppers, sweet corn, minced meat and nacho cheese ... and a half of: - tomato sauce, ham, pepperoni, cheese and sweet corn.
Of course tons of different spices were thrown on both sides to make it taste like a real pizza. Now serioulsy, no more pizza for at least two months for me.
That pizza looks insanely good
i know. lol. @marshalledgar
No more pizza. you promised. haha
it was @alywoah I am kind of a professional when it comea to pizza lol.