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People love drinking games like flip-cup or beer pong but a few groups have taken the drinking game to the extreme. Case in point is the “Chicken Chase” or “One Big Chicken.” In a nutshell, the Chicken Chase involves gathering a group of friends together at a bar. Everyone antes up a predetermined dollar amount (like $10 or $20) that is pooled and given to one individual. The catch, that individual is in a chicken suit and proceeds to head to an non-disclosed bar within a certain area and starts drinking with all the money. Everyone else has to search for the chicken and find him before he drinks all the money away! Did I mention one of you is wearing a chicken suit?
There seem to be variation where searchers are penalized for going into the wrong bar and must stay for a drink. It can also involve social media clues thereby turning it more into a scavenger hunt. Either way it is a little nuts and not just for the chicken suit.

Someone explaining how it works:

A bunch of us meet a bar (usually somewhere in the Mission District of San Francisco). Everyone puts $10 into the pot. One person dressed in a chicken suit takes the money and gets a 20 minute head start while the rest of us finish our first drink. The Chicken has to pick one bar to hide in (not allowed to bar hop) and starts drinking off the money in the pot. Everyone else splits up into teams of 2-3 and proceeds to chase after the Chicken. Whenever a team enters a bar to look for the Chicken they have to drink. First team to find the Chicken gets to split what's left of the pot and continues drinking with the Chicken until the game is over and we all meet back up at the first bar to share stories.
And as always remember to drink responsibly in or out of the chicken suit.
lol funny
This actually sounds like a lot of fun..
i know! I've never heared of this before, and I really want to try it out. :) @danidee