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I really like this group <3 I think they are an underrated group that deserves more recognition! i discovered them waaay back and just randomly thought to share this to see who else knows them :)
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@BlockBVillains I sort of stopped listening to them once the new members came (I really liked Ryu and was so sad to see him leave the way that he did) but I feel like I should get back into them!
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@kpopandkimchi i don't know much about Mr.Mr so the whole issue of Ryu leaving is pretty much all I know and that many people were upset to see him leave. the group right now I think is pretty good so I hope to see them rise up~
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@BlockBVillains @kpopandkimchi ryu left? omg!!! awww this is Wut happens when u take a break from kpop to actually study n graduate...I feel sooo left behind. When he leave n why?
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@candyland1986 well from what i read he left because of abuse from the company/staffs here's the link in more details:
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@BlockBVillains aww that's too bad. I'll miss him.
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